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Babolat BALLR+


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The Babolat BALLR + pickleball paddle balances spin, control, and power in a high-performance package. Advanced and expert players who can “do it all” will benefit from the impressive versatility of the Babolat BALLR +. If you’re addicted to all things pickleball and want all-around high-performance, the Babolat BALLR + pickleball paddle belongs in your hand.

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Product Description

  • Maximum Spin: Topspin lets you hit harder with increased accuracy, backspin keeps the ball low, can be an effective reset, and makes the ball more difficult for your opponent to attack.
  • Versatility: Performance from every area of the court. The unique round paddle shape creates a consistent and large sweet spot.
  • High-Performance Durability: Built to perform and built to last. The edgeless design and uni-body molding create a paddle that withstands the wear and tear of intense pickleball.
  • RPM Grit: The paddle face features the maximum friction coefficient allowed by USA Pickleball, providing maximum spin. Gritty, rough, and engineered for durability.
  • Monomolded Duratech: Engineered for long-lasting performance. MonoMolded DuraTech is a unibody paddle molding process for higher quality and increased durability.
  • PF Handle: The Perfect Feel Handle is engineered for performance, perfectly balancing comfort and feel.



Core: Polypropylene honeycomb
Surface: Biaxial 3K Carbon/RPM Grit
Grip:  Babolat Syntec Pro/SWC Pure Feel
Specs: 16.2” L x 7.6” W
Weight: 8.3oz
Grip Length: 5.5 in.
Thickness: 16mm


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