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Nike W Advantage Club Skirt


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DV3498-669 wDark MaroonXS
DV3498-669 wDark MaroonS
DV3498-669 wDark MaroonM
DV3498-669 wDark MaroonL
DV3498-669 wDark MaroonXL
DV3498-669 wDark MaroonXXL
DV3498-657 wScarletXS
DV3498-657 wScarletS
DV3498-657 wScarletM
DV3498-657 wScarletL
DV3498-657 wScarletXL
DV3498-657 wScarletXXL
DV3498-610 wCardinalXS
DV3498-610 wCardinalS
DV3498-610 wCardinalM
DV3498-610 wCardinalL
DV3498-610 wCardinalXL
DV3498-610 wCardinalXXL
DV3498-545 wPurpleXS
DV3498-545 wPurpleS
DV3498-545 wPurpleM
DV3498-545 wPurpleL
DV3498-545 wPurpleXL
DV3498-545 wPurpleXXL
DV3498-493 wRoyalXS
DV3498-493 wRoyalS
DV3498-493 wRoyalM
DV3498-493 wRoyalL
DV3498-493 wRoyalXL
DV3498-493 wRoyalXXL
DV3498-341wDark GreenXS
DV3498-341wDark GreenS
DV3498-341wDark GreenM
DV3498-341wDark GreenL
DV3498-341wDark GreenXL
DV3498-341wDark GreenXXL
DV3498-100 wWhiteXS
DV3498-100 wWhiteS
DV3498-100 wWhiteM
DV3498-100 wWhiteL
DV3498-100 wWhiteXL
DV3498-100 wWhiteXXL
DV3498-010 wBlackXS
DV3498-010 wBlackS
DV3498-010 wBlackM
DV3498-010 wBlackL
DV3498-010 wBlackXL
DV3498-010 wBlackXXL
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Product Description

Looking great during your match is just a byproduct of the pleated NikeCourt Skirt; the real magic comes from stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and moving freely through every point. It’s backed with body-hugging inner shorts that have you comfortably covered and feeling supported on the court—even during your most intense play. Choose from 9 colors to outfit your team.
  • Nike Dri-FIT technology moves sweat away from your skin for quicker evaporation, helping you stay dry and comfortable.
  • Pleated woven skirt stretches to help you move freely on the court.
  • Stretch-knit shorts hug your body for comfortable coverage.
  • Pocket on shorts secures your phone or spare tennis balls.



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