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Selkirk Luxx Control Air Epic


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The Selkirk Luxx Control Air Epic pickleball paddle is the ultimate control paddle for balanced pickleball players. Bringing you an expanded sweet spot, ample power, accelerated spin, and unequaled control. Whether you’re a beginner or a tennis player looking to enhance your game, the Epic shape is an excellent choice for your pickleball paddle, offering a perfect blend of power, control, and precision.

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Product Description

The ultimate control paddle for balanced pickleball players and the answer to the neglected needs of all those who favor finesse over brute force. This new, lightweight polypropylene Florek Carbon Fiber composition, paired with Selkirk’s revered 20mm X7 Thikset Honeycomb core, proprietary 360° Proto Molding construction, and enhanced Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless technology achieves unequaled control, accelerated spin, and ample power, securing the Luxx Control Air’s position as the ultimate control paddle.


Core: X7™ Thikset Honeycomb
Surface: Florek Carbon Fiber
Grip: Selkirk Geo Grip
Specs: 16″ L x 7.9” W
Weight: 7.9oz – 8.3oz
Grip Length: 5.25 in
Thickness: 16mm
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