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BRAD Tennis Ball Mower


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Product Description

BRAD – Ball Retriever And Dispenser A unique new way to pick up tennis balls. Much like a “shovel on wheels” BRAD picks up balls in a way that no other ball mower does! No rotating drums, no drive wheels, no cumbersome trays to lift, no arms to fold, very little to wear or go wrong. Designed to be small, simple and affordable but still able to pick up balls as quickly as any of the larger machines, BRAD has succeeded in all of these criteria and then some! Features: BRAD moves on swivel casters allowing it to easily turn and move in any direction – even backwards! A one way gate keeps balls in the collection area while moving Folds for easy storage (requires only 24”x18” of space!) Uses standard ball hoppers Weighs only 25lbs! Disassembles in seconds for transportation Easily moves on and off court without any changes PRICE – $250 includes shipping to Continental US

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