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Holbrook MAV Pro E


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The Holbrook Mav Pro E paddle enhances attacking power, controlled finesse, and cutting spin to your game. As part of Holbrook’s Pro Series Line, the Mav Pro E was engineered to enhance both power and control with each shot…for the win!

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Product Description

The E stands for Extended as the handle is typically longer than the Mav Pro this may be better for players who are a bit slower to the ball and need extra length. It is also a bigger sweet spot. With an aesthetic design inspired by the dangerous Maverick waves of the legendary Northern California surf spot, the paddle face and white edge guard embody natural power – a subtle visual nod to how dangerous your game will become.


Core: Dual Reactive Polypropylene Honeycomb
Surface: Force Field T700 Woven 3K Carbon Fiber
Grip: Specialized Comfort Grip
Specs: 16.5” H x 7.5” W
Weight: 13mm – 7.8 oz / 16 mm – 8.0 oz
Grip Length: 13 mm – 5.5 in / 16mm – 4.75 in
Thickness: 13mm & 16 mm


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