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Tennis Tower Tennis Ball Machine


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Product Description

The Tennis Tower was designed with the home court owner in mind. For starters, its intuitive control panel design means you don’t even need to read the instruction manual if you really don’t want to (although officially we still have to recommend reading it).


Speed ranges from 10 MPH to 85 MPH.
Spin is adjustable from heavy underspin, to flat, to heavy topspin (except Classic).
Ball Feed (interval) control adjusts the time between shots from 1-1/2 to 10 seconds.
Trajectory is adjustable between groundstroke and lob.
Random oscillator.
All-in-one control panel.
225 ball capacity.

There are four Tennis Tower models available. Which means you can select the combination of features that best meets your needs. Please select model from drop down menu above.


Includes all the standard features except spin control.


Includes all the standard features including spin control.


Includes all the standard features, plus a two-function wireless remote control that lets you start and stop ball delivery, and control the side-to-side position of the ball throws.

PLAYER MODE (a.k.a. Match Play Mode®)

With the push of just one button the, the Professional Player model (Patented) simulates a player on the other side of the net. Just push either the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced buttons, and the Professional Player model automatically picks an appropriate speed and spin, then changes both the side-to-side position and the depth of shots just like you were playing someone of that ability. The side-to-side position and depth of each shot are not simply changed in a random or sweeping motion, but are computer programmed to simulate the shot patterns of real players. For instance, beginning players will see more shots towards the middle of the court and more variation in depth of shots than will advanced players. And you are not stuck with only the standard settings, you can customize the settings by adding or subtracting more speed, spin, or elevation as you like.

PROFESSIONAL PLAYER MODEL – Multi-Function Remote Control:

The Multi-function Remote controls all functions of the Tennis Tower Professional Player just like you were using the actual control panel. In fact, the layout of the buttons on the Multi-function remote is the same as the layout of the buttons on the machine’s control panel, so there is nothing new to learn. And each time you press a button on the Multi-function Remote your Tennis Tower will beep to let you know it received the signal.


Ball capacity 225 Balls
Trajectories Groundstroke to Lob
Ball ejection speed 10-85 MPH
Ball feed rate 1 1/2 to 10 seconds
Spin Control Topspin/Underspin
Oscillator Built-in
Dimensions 44″H x 23″L x 22″W
Weight 60 pounds
100 watts maximum

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