Selecting the Best Tennis Ball Machine for Your School Team


What Type of Tennis Ball Machine Is Best For Your School


There are many factors that go into deciding which tennis ball machine would be best for your school tennis team. Things like, price, programmable oscillation, propulsion type, and power are just some of these factors. Whether preparing your young pros to go to the state tournament, or just looking for something that can help your team improve their basic court skills, we have the ball machine to suit your needs.

Tennis ball machines can be expensive, so it’s important to make sure you understand what machine is the perfect fit for your middle school, high school, or college tennis team. With that in mind, our quick guide will help you make a decision on what types of machines are available, and which one would best suit your needs.

A good tennis ball machine can help your team improve their reaction times and agility, and maximize their fundamental skills.

Tennis Outlet carries machines from Tennis Tutor, Lobster, and Playmate, ranging in price from $269.00 to $6610.00. So regardless of budget or needs, we have the machine you.

Let’s take a look at the different features and capabilities of tennis ball machines.



There are two different types of machines on the market. These are Spinning Wheel and Pneumatic  Air Pressure.

Spinning wheel machines are the most common type of machine and are similar in design to a baseball pitching machine. Inside the machine, there are two spinning wheels that throw out the tennis ball. The speed of the two wheels can be adjusted to create topspin or backspin on the ball.

Pneumatic air pressure machines throw out the tennis ball through a long tube. However, in order to generate spin, an attachment is usually required.  The primary advantage of this type of machine is its costs. They are usually less expensive than their spinning wheel counterparts.


Oscillation is one of the features that will enable your ball machine to simulate a real opponent on the other side of the court. There are two types of oscillation, vertical and horizontal.

Horizontal oscillation allows the ball machine to shoot the tennis balls across the court from side to side, helping young athletes improve their cross court skills. On the other hand, vertical oscillation allows the machine to shoot the ball closer to the net, or back near the baseline.

The very best machines provide programmable features to spray the tennis ball around the court from side to side and front to back. They allow coaches to create specific training routines that enable their young players to focus on the areas of training most important to the individual player.

Ball Speed

Tennis ball machines have a broad range in speed that allows you to set the machine at the skill level of the player, from beginner to expert. Faster speeds allow your young players to work on quick volleys and getting better at both overhand and backhand strokes. Ball machines allow you to set speeds that range from 10-95 MPH.

Ball Capacity

The capacity of the machine determines how long your young players can practice before having to reload the machine. Ball capacity also determines to what extent they will be able to develop their physical stamina. The best machines have a maximum capacity of 300 tennis balls.

When you have that many balls to clean up, be sure to check out our ball mowers to help clean the court and get it ready for the next player or group.

Other Factors

Some other features you might want to consider in your tennis ball machine purchase include:

  • Remote control- a remote can enable your players to practice on their own, or enable you as a coach to move around the court.
  • Size- do you need a smaller machine that younger players can take to the court themselves, or do you need a larger machine that will stay on the court in a more permanent fashion?
  • Quality- the best machines carry warranties lasting up to 3 years.

Whatever your team needs, we can help. Our experienced staff has been helping AD’s and coaches pick equipment that best serves their needs.

Now that we have outlined the basic features, let’s take a quick look at a few of our best selling machines.

Tennis Twist from Tennis Tutor


The Tennis Twist is the perfect small budget machine that can be carried on and off the court with ease. Holding 28 balls, and tossing them 10-20 feet across the court every five seconds and can toss the balls in an arc between 12 and 20 feet.

There is both an A/C version as well as a battery powered model which will run up to 10 hours on a single set of six D batteries (not included).

Elite Liberty from Lobster

With a ball capacity of 150 balls and ball speeds between 20 and 80 MPH, the Elite Liberty is a step above the Tennis Twist. When combined with random horizontal oscillation this machine is great for the beginner to intermediate tennis player.

The Elite Liberty is rechargeable and can run for up to four hours before needing to be recharged. It also has an optional cover and two-function remote.

Playmate Genie Ball Machine

Our top of the line training machine is the Genie from Playmate. With the ability to hold up to 300 balls, be programmed with complex distinct or random shots, shooting a ball every one and a half seconds, this machine is the ultimate training machine. It also comes with a two function remote control. This helps make it perfect for teaching doubles teams. And with a 3-year warranty, it’s the best piece of training equipment we sell.

When you’re ready to purchase the next piece of equipment to help your youth team improve and perform at their best, give us a call. Let us help you pick the machine that’s right for you.

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